ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tying It All Together

October 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

Temperatures are dropping, and what greater sign is there to indicate fall has arrived than scarves making their way into our outfits? It’s true—fall is coming, and we all know that means that annoying weather where you’re freezing in the morning yet burning during the afternoon. Scarves are a great accessory to add to any fall outfit; a simple scarf can make an outfit look more put together while keeping you warm. Before we get to blanket scarves, let’s talk about the neck scarf. It’s small, it can be simple or the focus point, it’s trendy and it’s effortless.

This Fashionista combats the weather by styling a trendy soft pink, sleeveless long knit (also a trendy item for this season) with cuffed denims and black booties that had a hint of gold at the sole. To make a slow transition into fall, she tied this stylish cream scarf around her neck that complemented the hint of gold on her shoes.

The use of a neck scarf adds the perfect hint of sophistication and detailing to an otherwise simple outfit. Rather than using a larger scarf, this Fashionista was able to keep her look clean-cut and minimal.

How To: Not sure how to rock this look? Try finding a scarf that doesn’t compromise the proportion of your neck; you don’t want to look like you have no neck! There are also different ways to style the neck scarf: tie it into a bow, tuck in the ends for a choker look or leave long strands hanging from the back. If you want to be more subtle with this piece, tie the scarf around your wrist as a cute bracelet.