ALL IN THE DETAILS: Trimming Equals Winning

When getting dressed in the morning, color scheme matters, so you carefully mix patterns, hoping to achieve an outfit that flatters.

This week’s Fashionista kept the tones neutral but definitely didn’t turn down the heat. While fun to play with and fun to wear, you don’t always need bright colors to make a bold statement. Sometimes, it’s the details, or more specifically the detailing, of an outfit that keeps the look fresh and fashion forward.

I think it’s important to look at each individual piece of this Fashionista’s ensemble. Set aside separately you have a shirt, a skirt, shoes, a handbag and accessories, but pieced together you come upon fashion. So what makes it all come together? This Fashionista chose a shirt with woven detailing helping to break up the balance between the shirt and the skirt. She found it important to keep some attention on the skirt, therefore keeping the shirt as a solid, neutral color choice. When peering down, you also begin to realize that her skirt has scalloped detailing along the bottom.

With a simple trimming detail at the hem of the skirt, and a little more noticeable trimming along the shirt, she pulls in the onlooker’s attention quickly. A very simple scalloped trim mixed with a more intricate trim allows for a pleasing sight, not too overwhelming, with the perfect touch of effort.

The choice of a light-brown colored handbag and one simple bracelet show that the attention of this outfit should focus solely on the outfit as a whole, leaving the attention in the detailing of the trim.

How To: Think neutrals are only meant for fall and winter? Think again. Pull out your neutral pieces and see how can spice them up for summer by pairing them with a fun, trimmed top or bottom.