ALL IN THE DETAILS: Trimmed In Accessories

It is beginning to look a lot like spring, and as this is happening, the fashion of both Fashionistas and Fashionistos works to make its gentle transition between the two seasons. The snowstorms have seemed to cease (at least in Texas, that is) and the grass actually looks green for once. It has been a while since I have been able to comfortably rummage through my shorts drawer, and let me tell you, it feels great!

You know the first thing that I noticed about this Fashionista is? Yes, her amazing suede over-the-knee boots! I mean, what better way to kiss winter away and “welcome to spring” than with these babies? Her confidence was a bit contagious as she strutted through campus with these boots on, making the walkways her runway. I just had to stop her for a photograph!

Another accessory that caught my eye was her hologram purse. I am a bit obsessed with the hologram trend right now and it is in my top five current favorite trends. You can find the hologram effect in shoes, bags, shades and I have even seen it on a couple of sweatshirts.

This Fashionista sure does know how to accessorize. Notice her floppy, black hat, her shades, her coral necklace and the subtle arm jewelry. I’m telling you, her outfit is giving me all types of life right now. She looks so cute!

How To: I know y’all want to imitate this look, because I know I do! Starting with the boots, I’d grab a knee-high pair first. Since it is spring, I’ve noticed a lot of knee-high boots going on sale, so you can definitely get them for a bargain right now. ASOS has a plethora of hats, so you can easily find a hat similar to the one this Fashionista is wearing. Also, grab yourself a hologram purse. It makes a great fashion statement, especially when it is really sunny outside; that way, you can see all of the colors being emitted from the purse.