ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tribal Triumphs

I have noticed a lot of tribal print clothing this season, and this Fashionista’s outfit is no different. Tribal print can add that little bit of spunk to a look to put the whole thing together. This particular Fashionista put that little bit of tribal into her look to add the final piece to the puzzle. The blue from the ruffle skirt she wears helps to bring out the little bit of blue that is incorporated into the tribal print of the top.

This shirt is even more interesting because of the cut of the back of the shirt. The cut seems to draw your attention from the ruffle in the skirt to the unique style of the cut. A shirt like this is perfect for the summer season because it’s something to keep you cool while also catching the eye of people passing by you. It is important as a Fashionista to capture the eyes of those around you. I feel as if this certain Fashionista did nothing short of just that.

How To: To imitate this look, all you need to do is find a shirt with just enough tribal to catch your eye or even a shirt completely covered in it. The end goal is to try something out there while also being subtle with the outfit. Never be afraid to try something new because for all you know, that little piece you felt was missing from your outfit was something tribal to tie it all in. The littlest of details always make the end result completely different always remember that.