It is not surprising that the preppy style rules in Florida—it is a part of the tropical culture, as it should be; however, people may be surprised to see the type of prep that this Fashionisto rocks so effortlessly. I absolutely love when people change up a typical fashion stereotype with just a small tweak.

Most preppy styles associated with Florida consist of nautical prints, but this Fashionista chose a bold tribal pattern instead. This pattern is definitely the centerpiece of this outfit, so he kept it simple with a white button-down shirt and some simple accessories. I think we can all agree that this Fashionisto brought his A game and that the evidence is all in the details. From his bold patterned shorts to his minimalistic accessories, he knows how to draw just the right amount of attention while still maintaining that island-cool vibe.

Don’t be afraid to really pay attention to the details of your outfit; sometimes the details are the best part. If you choose a bold pattern, consider pairing it with some timeless pieces that will not take away from the rest of your look. Some other details to keep in mind are texture and fit. Even within a category of style like prep, there is so much that you can do to make it your own. Find little ways to make a statement with your outfit, and ultimately just do you.

How To: Look for variances within your aesthetic and try them out. Don’t be afraid to try a bold pattern that will draw all the right kinds of attention to you.