The cold weather does not seem to be going away, and just when we thought that winter was over, the temperatures last week proved us wrong. Staying fashionable in this cold temperatures does make it more challenging but, like I have said it before, it is not impossible.

There are a lot of trends going on and have gone on for a while. One of the big ones is tribal print. Even though it is used more in clothing, tribal print is still a popular trend. One of the things that I like about this bag is that the colors are very settled and are not very loud. It attracts the appropriate amount of attention.

The jacket goes very well with the bag because the colors really complement each other.  Both of their colors are very close together but very unique in their own way. Another item that goes really well are the shoes—the brown color of the bag and the shoes combined together is perfect! Since there are so many colors in the bag all the other colors are more toned down and that makes the colors stand out. With all the colors in the bag all the other colors have to be toned down or else it would be too much to handle.

Usually in the winter, the colors are very toned down and close to neutrals. This outfit really demonstrated that in the best way.

How To: To get the look all you need is a bag with a tribal print. A coat that has similar colors to the bag and a pair of shoes that also go together with the bag make a perfect outfit. Find colors that are similar but not exactly the same.