It’s another campus exploration week and the Aztec/tribal print evidently predominates amongst female students. This trend is quite popular during summers in cities like this. The print is often found in the form of shorts, skirts, shirts and in all kinds of colors and patterns, from last week’s color-blocking shorts to today’s bicolored liberal top. I believe that one of the main reasons that this particular trend predominates in this city is because it allows simpleness and casualness (fashion here is very practical) and because this trend carries within itself an inevitable cultural statement that specifically comes and originates from diverse countries like this, which are widely varied in ethnic groups.

As mentioned in previous articles, the idea behind local culture infusing itself with clothes is precisely what gives a city an identity, unlike general fashion trends around the world that contribute to opposite factors, such as cosmopolitanism. Many women like this print mainly because of its crisp patterns and the infinite combinations that this trend can have. Also, because the whole aesthetic manages to remain invigorating while solid colored blouses may leave some sort of insipidness, the Aztec print accomplishes to absorb everybody’s attention due to its varied patterns.

The Aztec print shown in the Fashionista’s top is unnoticeable—it is what gives the whole outfit a statement, a purpose and an essence. The bicolor, almost lollipop seeming, print is mixed by her in simplistic and comfortable ways. Her main goal was to remain casual, but still settle in a special minimal look that included her own style. She wore high-waisted denim shorts which go well with the top because they are light and solid colored—they draw the whole attention up to the colorful top. She also wore white Converse sneakers and very little golden jewelry in order to complete her look in quite a discrete way. The Fashionista comprises the renowned CollegeFashionista article featuring what to wear to class and, likewise, gives a very special touch that beautifully complements the blouse by applying makeup that is similar to the color palette. In addition, her lace headband is spot on and concludes this colorful and straightforward look. Lace contains very nice patterns that deeply correlate with the tribal print patterns, and a sense of consistency is completed.

How To: Firstly, you need to find your favorite Aztec/tribal print top. This could be either color-blocking, bicolor or black and white—anything you enjoy and believe that embraces your personal style. Then, follow by finding the right type of denim shade to complement the top; it should draw as much attention as it can to the print (this is the pivotal detail!). You can also wear your makeup in a way that it mixes with the print, like the Fashionista did. If you’re feeling like finishing off with a final sense of consistency, find an accessory that is similar and that helps enhance the fashion statement, like the Fashionista’s lace headband.