Let’s be honest; we all hate waking up for early morning classes, especially those lovely 8:00 a.m. classes that seem like a good idea when we are enrolling at the end of the previous semester. I mean, we woke up earlier for our high school classes, and we love the professors teaching these classes. Everything should be fine, right? Unfortunately, we could not be more wrong. Anyway, although we hate waking up early for these classes, it is a reality we face every morning, and we have to make the most of it. But how do we find a way to look cute and still put in the least amount of effort? Well, take note of this Fashionista.

This Fashionista is familiar with waking up early in the morning, as she is a student athlete. Time is already limited for her between balancing workouts, practices, school and, of course, a social life. However, she does not let this hinder her style. She relies on the practicality and the beautiful bohemian look of tribal prints for her outfits for class. Tribal prints add a bold, eye-catching appearance to any look without making the Fashionista/o look like they are trying too hard. These prints demand attention and will take an outfit from boring and dull to boho and chic. But wear tribal prints with caution because they can be a bit overwhelming to the eye if mixed with different and distracting patterns.

Use solid colors for tops, accessories and shoes in order to complement these trendy tribal prints. This Fashionista paired her tribal print pants with an off-white tank top, some comfortable black flip flops and a black bag to hold everything she needs for class. All of this is just simple enough to balance the quirkiness of her patterned pants.

How To: No need to be intimidated by a pair of tribal print pants. Any occasion is a good occasion to pull out these pants from your closet. Just make sure to simplify everything else in order to keep the focus on your pants and to not overwhelm your look.