October 22nd, 2015 at 2:10am

Fashion is a concept better faced without limits. Whether your outfit is made up of basics, or exploding with charisma and prints, the pieces tell a story. What better way to tell a story than with the elements of a print story: text.

This Fashionisto does just that with his AAPE ensemble. The baseball jacket is the show-stopping piece, complete with logos on each side. Streetwear meets DIY as the shapes and words along the sleeves break up the color-blocking design of the jacket. Since the jacket sticks to a few colors, it appears planned and printed instead of busy and crazed. This allows for it to be worn as a practical statement, meaning it can go past a few wears in a season. Its thick and cozy material is perfect for the chilly days of fall. Worn over a basic layer or a graphic T-shirt like this Fashionisto, this jacket seals the deal for cool weather comfort.

Denim is the perfect addition to this outfit. It immediately makes any look casual, and the dark wash keeps it put together. The cuffed hem adds texture and a playful vibe, showing off the hard combat boots underneath. With such an iconic boot silhouette, your best bet is to let it peak through, allowing the look to be toughened up. When in doubt, pair your loudest piece with your usual essentials to make dressing easy. Once you’ve become more comfortable, try pairing pieces with similar details, like text-printed pants or shoes, to add more flair.

How To: Wondering how to get wearable text in your wardrobe? Try a graphic sweatshirt. They’re a lesser commitment than a jacket, but are just as practical for cool climates.