June 2nd, 2015 at 2:10am

Good day, my fellow Fashioniastas/os! Spring semester has come to a close but the students of Illinois State University are still styling like never before! One of the biggest trends this summer is definitely the tulle midi skirt. Fashion bloggers like myself have taken notice of this latest trend and could not be more obsessed. Tulle has become a transitional fabric this year, from formal events to a staple piece in every Fashionista’s closet for any occasion.

Spotted on her way to the library, this Fashionista was rocking a black tulle skirt. Like many of us would, I had an instant flash back to the iconic scene of Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City strutting down the streets of New York in her own tulle skirt and high heels. After breaking out of my trance, I jumped at the opportunity to ask the Fashionista to take of few photographs.

On one of the first beautiful days in the Midwest, this Fashionista perfectly made this black tulle skirt with a broad waistband work for an edgy and chic look. She added an embroidered crop top, metallic gold sandals, a black wide brimmed hat and tied it all together with delicate golden accessories.

The greatest part about this trend is the versatility. You never know where your day will take you! Whether you are attending a concert, or grabbing lunch with your fellow interns, a tulle skirt will give your look that feminine touch. No matter what your agenda will be this summer, try out these tulle skirts from Anthropologie or ModCloth to create an effortlessly chic look.

How To: Finding the most flattering length is key when hunting for the perfect skirt to add to your closet. I am a huge fan of adding a light blue chambray shirt with a cream tulle skirt for a timeless look. Diversify your style by dressing it up with a lightweight neutral blazer or keep it cool and casual with a gingham shirt tucked in.