ALL IN THE DETAILS: Trendy In Tribal

Move over, little black dress. Tribal prints, as evidenced by this Fashionista, are in the spotlight now. I spotted this glamorous girl at a semi-formal event where most of the people in attendance were wearing black. Amidst a sea of girls in dark, understated colors, she stood out in her white and tribal print dress.

When I saw this Fashionista, the first thing that I noticed was the pattern on the skirt portion. Interesting and intricate, it features a tasteful combination of bold colors and geometric shapes that is quite eye-catching. A design like this has a lot going on, so it’s important to pair it with something simple. Here, the white silk top and nude high heels provide the perfect contrast to the complex pattern. The addition of sequins on the skirt also transforms the piece from casual to dressy. My favorite part is how she finished it off with a wide cuff and a thin V-shaped necklace. These accessories match the triangular shapes on the dress and tie the outfit together.

Tribal prints like these are particularly popular this season. I’ve seen them as designs or trimmings not only on dresses but also on T-shirts, crop tops, shorts, pants and even shoes. They give off a free-spirited, bohemian vibe which, paired with loose waves and a carefree smile, screams “Summer!” to me.

How To: Choose an article of clothing with a tribal print, but keep your other accessories to a minimum. That way, the pattern will be the center of attention.