ALL IN THE DETAILS: Trending Frames

April 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

If you wear glasses, raise your hand. Even better, RAD this post because this one is for you! How many of you felt slightly self-conscious when you were younger because you had to wear glasses? Or continuously begged your mother to buy you contacts (raises hand)? I, too, was that person at one point in my life.

It’s amusing how trends come around full circle within the fashion industry. What once was out is now in and what was once considered “unpleasant” is now fashionable. Mom jeans, joggers and, you guessed it, glasses all belong in that category. Glasses have become not only popular, but a fashion statement! Who would’ve thought that glasses would become a trend and not solely used by the visually challenged. They are now seen across the fashion industry in magazines, on celebrities and even on the runway!

This Fashionista is styling her prescription glasses perfectly. Her black frames complement the simplicity of her outfit. The solid black frames are amazing and will work with any outfit and everyone’s style. With glasses becoming such a large trend, there are many different shapes, sizes and colors that can be purchased and experimented with.

How To: Are you not into the simplicity of a simple black frame? No problem, there are many accessible and affordable online sites that will provide you with a variety of frames. Online sites such as my personal favorite Warby Parker, Zenni Optical and Eye Buy Direct are wonderful sites to purchase fashion forward eyewear.