The leaves are just beginning to change to magnificent shades of red and gold. With the turning of the leaves comes fall weather crashing in, and with it, the start of jacket season. The trick is finding a jacket that fits not only your personal style, but also accommodates the bipolar temperatures of the Midwest, which can be exceedingly difficult when one day it is a whopping 70 degrees and the next is below 40 degrees. When there is a limited amount of jacket options to choose from, finding that perfect balance between too warm and freezing can seem impossible.

This Fashionista, however, seems to have it figured out with her khaki trench coat. The trench coat is nice and light, yet thick enough to keep one warm from the crisp fall breeze. This trench coat is the perfect trend to wear with a variety of looks from casual to dressy. The trench coat looks great on most figures, and the adjustable belt buckle makes it figure flattering. It is a must-have piece for every wardrobe. Trench coats are a classic piece that can be styled with buttons or zippers and come in a range of colors from the classic khaki to a bold red. Each design is chic and has its own personality behind it, making it easy to show off your own personal style when you wear one.

How To: On the next crisp fall day pull out your trench coat, pair it with a simple little black dress or skinny jeans to make it stand out in your ensemble.