ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tory Burch Berserk

It has been made quite clear in my own personal style that I absolutely adore anything black or leather. I believe that any person can wear the two and rock it. However, it is up to that person to really personalize it. Besides the simplicity of black and leather, I can never go without accessories added in to my look. Accessories are amazing because even just one has the ability to make or break an outfit. You know someone has the right idea of accessorizing when they wear basics and can turn their outfit into something chic with just an accessory or two. An accessory does not always just have to be unusual to stand out. Sometimes all it has to be is designer!

This week’s Fashionista was spotted carrying an exquisite clutch with the ever-so recognizable Tory Burch symbol placed in the center. As an accessory all by itself, it does not seem to be as chic as it does with the whole outfit. But combined with a floppy hat, killer boots and leather leggings, it’s like a beautiful painting on the canvas of her three basic top layers. The Tory Burch symbol stands out from a mile away and definitely brings a statement to her look. Without her accessories, her outfit is comfy and cute. With her accessories, she is looking chic and totally rad!

How To: Even if you do not own a name brand designer bag or clutch, you can still use one that is unique. Look for something with an unusual, but tasteful image or emblem on it. I have found that thrift stores and boutiques tend to carry items that are one of a kind, so check out the ones nearest to you!