ALL IN THE DETAILS: Top It With Turquoise

During the winter, color is the last thing we’re thinking about. We find it easier to blend into the background with taupe knits and gray jackets. A pop of color can go a long way and one bright simple piece can make your everyday look more intriguing.

If you’re looking for a color that looks fabulous on everyone, try turquoise. Turquoise is the trendiest gem shade to wear right now and can be found in all accessories from beanies to bracelets. The green and blue hues evoke memories of warm summer skies and can brighten up any winter look.

This Fashionista considers herself a minimalist when it comes to fashion and prefers a bikini and a beach over sweaters and a chilly campus any day. When she finally accepts the winter weather, she prefers neutral shades to wear and turquoise to accessorize with. In this look, she keeps it simple with black top, jeans and boots and covers up with a fuzzy oversized cardigan. This Fashionsta’s turquoise stone necklace is the perfect piece for a gray day and has the ability to pull the entire outfit together. To complement the turquoise even further, she layers gold accessories on her wrist so that they don’t take away from attention of her necklace’s shade. The addition of this necklace makes this look versatile as she takes it from classroom cool to fashion intern fierce.

How To: Stuck in a neutral shade slump? Add a pair of turquoise drop earrings or a floppy hat with the gorgeous shade to complement your blacks and grays! This gem color will prepare you to bring those bold accessories out again when the temperature rises.