Hats have come and gone from the spotlight in the fashion world, and they are often an intimidating accessory to approach. Many of us fear that it won’t suit our head shape, it won’t be flattering or it looks like too much with the outfit. We may even talk ourselves out of ever wearing one. However, worn with confidence and the right outfit, a hat can become your new favorite accessory.

A hat is unique in the sense that it is a bold accessory no matter the color or style. Any hat you wear will most likely be the statement piece of your outfit, and the rest of your look has to correspond to this piece. Once you choose a hat it should balance your outfit, and not overwhelm your look when you wear it. It should provide a stylish and exceptional complement to your outfit,  and it can also be practical for certain occasions and weather. From floppy hats to sophisticated fedoras, there’s a hat for almost every outing.

This Fashionista balanced a bold colored fedora hat with a neutral houndstooth sweater, dark jeans and raspberry oxfords which tie the look together. With the help of delicate accessories and the similar colors on her shoes, there is a focus on the hat  that allows the colors to coordinate without being a color blocked outfit.

How To: Don’t let hats intimidate you. Start off with a neutral floppy rim hat to wear with any neutral outfit, black on black never hurts, for example. Always remember to let your hat be the focus and build you look around that. Get out of your comfort zone and explore other colors and styles that will expand your wardrobe.