ALL IN THE DETAILS: To Infinity And Beyond

In my opinion, one of the most underrated accessories is an accent scarf. One small piece of fabric can take an outfit to new heights by serving as a sophisticated yet fun touch. A hastily assembled and casual look can appear more put together, while an already dressy outfit can reach its maximum potential with the addition of a scarf. The aesthetic aspect, as well as the practical value in its comfort and warmth, easily makes this accessory a gem.

Traditional scarves are extremely versatile. They can be worn in different ways, at various lengths and provide endless entertainment for restless hands and fierce souls. After all, who hasn’t attempted a dramatic over-the-shoulder scarf throw and turn maneuver at least once? As much as I do enjoy the theatrics and flexibility, I could often do without the precariousness that accompanies wearing a regular scarf. No matter how meticulously I can arrange one at the start of my day, I frequently have returned home to a completely different situation: my once on point scarf placement has turned into a lopsided and disheveled mess that loves to get caught onto whatever is in its path. For those days when I do not care to be vigilant enough to avoid getting strangled, looking unkempt or losing my garment altogether, I humbly and unabashedly turn to my most recent obsession: the infinity scarf.

Infinity scarves offer Fashionistas/os full mobility and freedom, while they remain stationary and secure. They are perfect for people like me who want the same classic look without the hassle. This Fashionista decided to highlight her gorgeous multicolored infinity scarf by donning more laid back and muted pieces alongside it. The contrast between the gray tank and the colorful scarf serves to convey a simplistic yet effortless beauty.

How To: Want to incorporate a patterned infinity scarf into your outfit without overdoing it? Follow this Fashionista’s lead by pairing it with a bright lip and other accessories, while keeping everything else simple and clean.