ALL IN THE DETAILS: 'Tis the Season to be Neutral

December is a month filled with brilliance. Festive shades of green, red and blue adorn houses and streets. Bright lights and decorations shine throughout the night. Most importantly, people tend to possess an equally as vibrant holiday spirit. However, the fashion world seems to work at a completely different pace. Dark and neutral colors dominate during this time of year, with the brightest colors being light grey or camel. Don’t get me wrong, though. Just because the outfits aren’t bright, definitely does not mean that they are dull. Take a look at this Fashionisto, for example.

This Fashionisto wore an essential black fishtail parka from Killion on top of a sporty black Supreme hoodie. Continuing with the black on black theme, he also wore black chinos from Uniqlo. On his feet, he sported an awesome pair of black Jordan 4 retro sneakers that had red and white accents. Lastly, to accessorize, he threw on a black corduroy snapback along with a camouflage backpack, both from Supreme.

What I love about this outfit is that majority of it is one color, yet it still stands out and looks trendy, thanks to this Fashionisto’s skill of selecting killer accessories and shoes. The main focal points are his accessories and shoes because they add edginess to his look without overdoing it. Each item alone could serve as a statement piece due to their intricate designs and materials, but this Fashionisto does an amazing job at maintaining a balance in his outfit. By pairing them with his toned down parka, top and pants, his shoes and accessories complement each other, as well as the entire outfit. The result? A black on black outfit that is cool, modern and sleek.

How To: Loving this outfit as much as I am? To get this Fashionisto’s look, throw on a neutral-colored parka and add a corduroy baseball hat or snapback and a pair of high-tops.