October 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

We all have those mornings where we sleep through our alarm, we’re running late and we just don’t have time to think about the little details of getting ready. If you’re anything like me, you’d love to just stay in bed and enjoy your beauty sleep for a bit longer, but unfortunately that’s not always an option. So on those mornings when chaos strikes and you have to be somewhere in less than 10 minutes, don’t panic! My favorite quick fix solution to this problem is to throw on a hat and go!

Wearing a new hat for the first time isn’t always easy but don’t let that stop you! This Fashionista is rocking the perfect hat with her outfit! This girl knows all about the cute and casual “out and about” look. The combination of a short sleeve tunic, dark skinny jeans and Birkenstocks makes for a perfect ensemble. Pair it with a cute hat and you’ve taken that every day outfit to the next level. Not only does it serve as a cover-up for those bad hair days or rushed mornings but it also adds so much to an outfit! Any time I am looking for a way to spice up my outfit adding a hat is my go to! What better way to add a chic and edgy look to an outfit! Different occasions call for different hats. Feeling sporty? Add a baseball cap. Feeling edgy? Grab that Panama hat! Don’t be afraid to try something new, and have fun with it!

How To: Nervous about wearing your new hat for the first time? Don’t be! The key is to be confident! Put on your favorite outfit, grab a hat and embrace the chicness! To imitate this Fashionista’s look, grab your favorite pair of jeans, a simple top and your new hat! To finish it off add some splash of color with fun jewelry and you’re ready to roll!