September 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Imagine this: you walk into your 8:00 a.m. class with your favorite jacket wrapped around your shoulders. You are grateful for remembering to bring said jacket to your overly air-conditioned classroom. However, you soon regret this fashion decision when you are walking across campus. The sun is blazing down on your already drenched-in-sweat body. In order to cool down, you shrug off your jacket but now a new problem arises: where should you put your jacket? You don’t want to hold it and you definitely don’t want to wear it. So what should you do? Easy—tie it around your waist.

Tying a jacket around your waist not only saves you from wearing it; it also adds a whole new dimension to your look. As you can see with this Fashionista, it is an easy as well as trendy fashion trick. Her smartly placed jean jacket is the focus of her outfit. Without it, her intricately detailed dress and black ankle boots keep her style classy and simple. But with the jacket adorning her waist, her ensemble darkens into a more soft grunge look. And if she is ever feeling chilly, she can easily untie the jacket and wear it instead.

How To: Wrap a jean jacket around your waist, ensuring that it is secure. It does not even have to be a jacket that fits you. Borrow your dad’s or mom’s, or buy a cheap one from your local thrift shop. Don’t have a jean jacket? Simple—substitute it for a cardigan or flannel shirt.