ALL IN THE DETAILS: Time To Accessorize

When I initially saw this rad Fashionista on campus, I totally was just going to write about her amazing block heeled sandals. The woven detail and the cool-toned snakeskin pattern together make for a statement sandal that’s perfect for a casual look, since down here in seasonally absent Florida the temperatures are still peaking around the upper eighties. Also, block heels were really having a moment earlier this year and it looks like they’re continuing into the wintertime in the form of chunky heeled boots.

Anyway, what really caught me about this Fashionista’s outfit were her hair accessories. From the front it looks like she’s almost wearing some kind of tiara, but wait just a minute! In actuality, peeking out from behind her topknot, this Fashionista strategically placed a set of amazingly intricate hairpins made from, get this, clock hands.

She told me that she picked them up from an Etsy seller who specializes in making hair jewelry from old clock parts. They add such an elegant flair to her outfit and complement her shoes so well. This Fashionista finishes off her outfit with an on trend bell-sleeve top and classic pair of jeans.

Hair charms and other unconventional hair accessories are all over the place right now. They are a show stopping way for your ensembles to sparkle this upcoming holiday season. I recently saw an article detailing how to add glitter to your hair part, but if you’re not feeling the aftermath of glitter, try a twinkling headband.

How To: Take your time and find the perfect hair accessory for you! Add a couple of whimsical hairpins to a high bun like this Fashionista or add a few bobby pins like these for a more minimalist feel.