ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tights That Talk

March 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

As the weather begins to get a bit warmer, we see dresses and skirts galore emerge from the backs of Fashionistas’ closets. And although these springtime pieces start to flood the streets as we are all eager to rid our wardrobes of heavy winter wear, the temperatures are still a bit chilly to completely forgo everything that has to do with the cold. So, how do you don the perfect dress, yet not completely freeze? The answer is simple—with the perfect pair of tights.

This Fashionista exemplifies just this, as she styles a floral, short sleeve dress with a great pair of tights. On this spring day, the pink, purple and blue floral dress embodies the spirit of the season. The pleats on the dress add some extra texture and movement, allowing the dress to flow with the bit of wind. Although this dress is quite eye-catching in itself, the key part of this outfit resides in the eccentric pair of tights.

These kitten tights are definitely a statement piece, as they are playful, cute and call the attention of every passerby. With the faces of cute kittens on the front of the tights and the tails of these furry little animals detailed on the back, the full kitten effect is successfully captured. Not only do these tights add an extra layer of protection against these still chilly temperatures and wind chills, but they also add an additional style element to the whole outfit. To finish off this look, this Fashionista sports a pair of heeled black booties and white Clubmaster-style sunglasses from Urban Outfitters.

So, when you are dying to wear that dress or skirt, yet still want a little coverage on your legs, opt for some funky tights. Whether you go for colored tights, printed tights or some kitten tights, a cool pair of tights can transform an entire outfit.

How To: When you want to wear your little black dress out at night, but are afraid to take on that two mile walk with bare legs, throw on a pair of tights to both dress up your look and keep you a tad bit warmer. A pair of detailed tights with any sort of pattern will be sure to help you succeed in doing so.