Gobble Gobble! Did I really just consume 12 tons of Thanksgiving food? You bet your food-baby I did! This semester has flown by, and it has been a great one. The semester is coming to an end and finals are fast approaching (slight panic attack). With that, Christmas is right around the corner and the weather seems to be getting a little cooler each day. I don’t know about y’all, but I love knits! They are so comfortable and they really keep you warm when it is cold outside. Some of you Northerners have to make the trek to class in the freezing cold and the snow when it’s below 20′ out, while us down South are bundled up when it hits below 60′; either way, the knit scarves and sweaters are coming down off the top shelves of our closets.

This Fashionista really showed her love for knits by keeping her outfit neutral and adding a maroon knit scarf. This is a perfect outfit whether you are going to class or meeting some friends for lunch; it is cute and simple. The black long sleeve and khaki stretchy pants are perfect for sitting in an hour long lecture while you attempt to take notes and not fall asleep. The black booties are also perfect; they are simple, yet edgy, which adds a nice twist to her outfit. She keeps her hair simple by leaving it natural. She also keeps her makeup natural, with just a little bit of eye shadow and some mascara. She added some fun colored studs to keep the jewelry simple and the focus on the knit scarf.

How To: This is a small infinity scarf. You could also use a regular scarf you are not a fan of infinity scarves. Scarves not your thing? Try a knit sweater or even a knit tank top. Happy Holidays!