ALL IN THE DETAILS: "Thrown Together"-Chic

Arriving back on campus after a wonderful Thanksgiving Break can be bittersweet for college students. Yes, you get to see your close friends, and you can flirt with the cutie that sits next to you in chemistry, but it also means finals are just around the corner. Though finals sometimes –actually, let me rephrase that – always cause stress and anxiety, a true Fashionista can come through with a killer outfit consisting of a few key layers thrown together. During this time of the year, it’s not unusual to wake up ten minutes before class starts, scramble to find articles of clothing that fit and are clean (for the most part) and book it to class. This Fashionista’s outfit stood out to me because it is effortlessly cute and comprised of several standout pieces that work so well together.

Let’s start with this amazing oversized distressed acid-washed denim jacket. I mean…I am in love! This oversized jacket is the perfect alternative to a big heavy winter coat, especially when it is still a bit warm outside. It adds a bit of contrasting texture and color against the knitted scarf, which creates a really nice look. Also, this jacket is a perfect finishing piece over a few cozy layers when it does get cooler outside.

Next, the knits. You already know I die for anything that is knitted and comfy, so naturally I fell in love with the crème sweater and two-toned knitted scarf. The crème sweater was a great choice because it is basic enough to not distract from the statement jacket but also noticeable enough to make you take another look. The black leggings go without saying. These will be a staple on every college campus for a very long time because they are comfortable, appropriate (only when worn correctly and tastefully) and go with virtually everything in your closest.

Okay, now for my second favorite piece (the jacket took the cake): the Timberlands! Timberland boots have become increasingly popular this year and with good reason! They are great for inclimate weather, but they also can give a cool, edgy feel to your look. I love this Fashionista’s Timberland boots specifically because the taupe color is more feminine and complementary to the other items in a young ladies closet than the rusty yellow color that the original Timberland boots come in. Plus, how cute are they with the thick socks!?

How To: Invest in a really nice oversized denim jacket! They are stylish, durable and perfect in-between seasons (fall and spring). Also, an awesome pair of Timberlands never hurt either.