ALL IN THE DETAILS: Throwing Shade

March 21st, 2016 at 2:10am

Nothing adds an extra hint of cool like a pair of sunglasses. This Fashionisto knows exactly how to rock a pair of coffee tinted shades with a streamlined and effortless outfit.

The use of basic and neutral colors is fantastically showcased in this outfit to break down and balance components of the body. This Fashionisto started with a pair of black pants that he wears rolled up, about two inches above his ankle. Rolling up the hem at this length helps to elongate the Fashionisto’s body while showing off his black Converse shoes. The length makes the pants appear to be shrunken, creating the illusion that the Fashionisto is very tall. Since both items are black, leaving space between them creates balance in the outfit so that the two items don’t blend into each other.

To create a trendy break between the top of the body and the bottom, this Fashionisto is wearing a large buckle belt to add weight to the centre of the outfit, for balance. This helps to draw the eyes upwards from the wonderfully clean shoes and pants, to the cream colored turtle neck. This knitted turtle neck has stitching that draws your eyes up through the neck and up to the face, highlighting the sunglasses.

Let’s not forget how this Fashionisto cocoons himself in the most gorgeous blue-gray bomber jacket. I talked a lot about balance in this outfit, and the bomber jacket’s color and weight helped to add weight to the top of the outfit. Black is a dark color and visually makes a viewer feel that there is added weight, while a lighter color makes them feel light and airy. Blue-gray is a shade directly between the cream and the black. The bomber’s color paired with its size balances out the top and bottom of the outfit.

How To: Now that the entire outfit is balanced, black sunglasses just seem too harsh and will throw the outfit back out of balance. That’s why a pair of round sunglasses to mimic the soft curves of the outfit in a coffee tan color is the perfect way to look cool, and throw some shade.