ALL IN THE DETAILS: Throwing It Back

The 1990s were notorious for berry lips, Dr. Martens and the Spice Girls movement. Yet the most influential trend was the infamous choker necklace. This accessory was essential to a ’90s wardrobe and could be purchased in any store. Each had a unique touch that reflected the wearer’s personality. Whether you sported delicate wire for a playful look or velour in a more formal setting, this was a universal trend that worked with every outfit. Now, it is making its comeback and it is safe to say that it’s here to stay this spring. The Fashionista I spotted took a look back on time to perfect her look.

This Fashionista uses dark neutrals in her outfit to make her choker more distinguished. The choker gives a grunge-chic feel to her ensemble. Its black cord is clean and simple, making the blue and white colors of the stone pop. She uses the now timeless accessory as a way to play with ear cuffs. Rather than wear an ordinary stud, she literally raises the bar with a sterling silver cuff mid-ear. Incorporating plaid patterns in her outfit creatively sticks to the choker’s ’90s theme.

How To: Feel like experimenting with this trend, but are feeling skeptical? Chords and pearls are taking their dominance over the choker fad. Pair a pearled choker with a plain T-shirt and boyfriend jeans. Add a floppy hat for some flare and a pair of booties. Maybe even bring back those Dr. Martens!