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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Throw A Beanie On It

December can be a weird time for college students in Kentucky. Finals are upon us, Christmas is in sight and the weather is all over the place. So while in our minds, it’s supposed to be a happy, snow-filled time of the year, it usually ends up being more of a chaotic, rainy mess. Unfortunately for us, our wardrobes usually become a big part of that mess. With extra long to-do lists and end of the year projects looming, college students are often lucky if they get more than three hours of sleep—much less pull a cute look together to trek it to those last few 8:00 a.ms. So how can one manage the stress while still maintaining some semblance of style? This Fashionista demonstrates perfectly how it’s done.

Sporting a denim look, this Fashionista went for the easy go-to piece we all know and love—the shirtdress. But although this is typically a foolproof way to look pulled together, it often needs just a bit more to take it to that true Fashionista level. Her solution? An adorable knit beanie. Providing warmth and a sneaky way to hide your (most-likely) unwashed hair, it’s a flawless way to upgrade even the most simple of looks. Throw on a pair of neutral booties, and you’ve got an outfit that will help you breeze through the month in style and ease.

The holiday season can put the pressure on Fashionistas to look their absolute best. While this may seem like a fun challenge, it often comes at a time of high stress and very little sleep. Although that may force us to choose the easiest solution we can find in our closet, that solution can end up being a sartorial snooze fest. However, this Fashionista has proved that there is one very simple fix. So when you’re strapped for time, your hair is drowning in dry shampoo and you just can’t figure out how to deal with the weather, throw a beanie on it! It may not fix all of your December woes, but you’ll look pretty darn cute.

How To: Get out your easiest shirtdress, put on a pair of boots and throw a beanie on it!