ALL IN THE DETAILS: Third Wave Chokers

We all know that the choker necklace has been around for centuries. If you didn’t know that, allow me to give you a brief history. Choker necklaces have been around since the 1500s. Women of the French Revolution would wear a red ribbon tied tightly around their necks in memory of those who had been sentenced to the guillotine.

Fast forward to the 1700, 1800 and 1900s where chokers were worn as a symbol of wealth, as most things of fashion were back then. Don’t believe me? Go to any museum, or look up women of the 18th and 19th centuries and you’ll see that they were the original trend setters of the choker necklace. And their choker game was strong, too. They boasted beautiful necklaces made of silk and opulent gems.

Fast forward even further to the 1990s. Raise your hand if you remember begging your parents for quarters so you could get those small black plastic chokers out of the gum ball machines in the mall. I know I did, and man did I feel cool. Choker necklaces became a staple in every teenage girls wardrobe for a short time before falling out of trend. Now here we are in 2016, where choker necklaces are back and stronger than ever.

Chokers, I believe, are something you either love or you hate. But with so many ways to wear them, and colors and textures to chose from, there’s a choker out there for everyone.

This Fashionista picked a blush pink choker with silver flower gems and a longer chain. She paired it with a matching asymmetrical hem V-neck shirt, gray skinny jeans with a rip at the knee and a classic leather jacket.

How To: If you’re not used to wearing a choker you can start simple with a thin black velvet necklace, and work your way up to more interesting pieces. Try incorporating one into your next look to add a little more detail to your outfit.