April 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Spring has sprung! Spring has sprung! And if you couldn’t tell by the pollen covering our campus, you can tell by the lovely Fashionistas running around UNCW. Sundresses, skirts and sunglasses are everywhere you look since everybody gearing up for beach weather in the 910.

This beautiful Fashionista was spotted running around campus in the sweetest pink dress. It is my absolute favorite part of her look. With the layered, eyelet design of the dress, it is impossible to stress over last minute grades. The color complements this Fashionista’s warm skin tone and is incredibly pretty.

Adorned with light accessories, things are kept rather simple. A monogrammed necklace and a few bangles make our Fashionista look polished but still keeps her outfit perfect for spring. Rocking a pair of dark aviators, she is shielded from the bright Carolina sun.

The shoes featured are wonderful as well. Can this Fashionista do any wrong? These brown peep-toe booties appear as comfortable as they do fashionable. The neutral color contrasts with the light pink of the dress, and the chunky heel allows for easy walking around our spread out campus. The peep-toe even lets our Fashionista show off her latest pedicure that was no doubt destined for Wrightsville Beach.

How To: Trying to show off a new springtime look head to toe? Start with shades perched on top and a bright dress. To avoid looking overwhelmed or weighed down with jewelry, try something like this! Finish off your look with a lovely pair of shoes. It’s finally time to break out the wedges and peep-toes hiding in your closet, waiting for their moment in the sun!