ALL IN THE DETAILS: Think Less, Wear More

April 13th, 2016 at 2:00am

There’s something about wearing a ton of fun jewelry that makes you or someone else feel instantly more chic. Layered necklaces dress up a plain white T-shirt, and stacked bracelets make bare arms sparkle. And did I mention that mismatched jewelry is beyond in style right now?

Some Fashionistas seem to just get how to precisely pair all of their jewels and accessories together, as if they majored in accessory styling or something! This Fashionista was exactly one of those people. Walking around campus sporting a printed maxi dress, stacked bracelets, a necklace and a bright, tribal printed backpack, I nearly passed out in awe of how flawlessly her accessories worked together. I mean, if I stood in my closet thinking of how to recreate an outfit like that, I would never be able to pull it off as effortlessly. And that’s the exact point: it was an effortless decision. When I asked this Fashionista how she decided to pair all of these items together, she replied, “I honestly didn’t even think about it. I paired whichever items just felt right together.”

One of the main features about this Fashionistas look is her choker. By now you should have noticed that chokers are back and better than ever (currently regretting throwing away my circa-2003 black choker, ugh). However, this new choker trend is beyond better than your favorite plastic black or rainbow ones. Chokers now come in all styles, colors and materials. This Fashionistas was made out of beads. There are velvet chokers, lace chokers, chokers made out of flowers… you get the idea. The main point here is go out and get yourself a choker and then blast some classic B-Spears, just for old times sake.

How To: Now I know some of you are in style-shock thinking about not thinking about how to put together an outfit, but it is possible. The best way to rock this look is to keep your accessories balanced (disclaimer: there is a little thought involved). Pair bracelets with a choker, which are super chic. Or pair layered necklaces with knuckle rings. Then grab a really fun statement backpack to top the outfit off. Voila! Only your accessories took some effort, and you really didn’t even have to try!