ALL IN THE DETAILS: These "Studded" Boots Were Made For Walking

If we are all honest with ourselves, and I mean truthfully honest, who really enjoys waking up on a Monday morning, especially the gloomy ones? After getting yourself out of bed, picking out an outfit is one of the many struggles of a Monday morning. With that comes trying to combine style and comfort into one unified outfit.

With the fall season creeping in comes all the fall fashion favorites such as booties, flannels, sweaters, scarves, etc. But the beginning of the school year doesn’t always mean chilly fall weather. Especially in Virginia, where you find yourself walking to class in beautiful 60 degree weather, only to then be struggling to make it back to your dorm without taking a water break when the afternoon arrives. So in order to throw some of your fall favorites in your outfits you have to find new, creative ways to tie them in. A few small details added into an outfit can completely turn it into something new and fun. Whether you decide to bring in large statement necklaces, scarves, fun shoes or patterns.

When it is too warm to throw on your favorite comfy fall flannel you can tie it around your waist like this Fashionista did, “I like to tie flannels around my waist cause it adds an element of edge and grunge to an outfit.” Booties are always a fall favorite, but when you find a pair with cute detailing you know you’re in for compliments. After complimenting her shoes she told me, “I liked these boots because they’re super edgy yet simple, which is totally my aesthetic.”

How To: Starting off with a simple pair of black jeans and a white T-shirt and adding small details turns your comfy, Monday morning outfit into a fashionable outfit that is effortless but looks like you put a lot of thought into it.