ALL IN THE DETAILS: These Shoes Were Made For Anythin’

I have a weakness when it comes to shoes. Some people collect bags, or hats or makeup, but I have a thing for shoes. Well, thinking about it…I also have a problem with bags, hats or makeup. Anyway, I was leaving campus after a long day, and my feet were hurting because my new shoes, that I adore and cherish, had given me blisters; and then I came across this Fashionista. She was wearing the cutest platform shoes that had the most comfortable look to them and indeed, she, along with her shoes, had to be featured in a post for CollegeFashionista.

This Fashionista is wearing a casual yet stylish outfit. She is wrapped up with a cozy khaki parka, lined with faux fur, perfect for crisp and chilly days, when it almost feels like winter. She combines it with some blue jeans, rolled up at the ankle, that give an edge to the outfit. To contrast the casual and even sporty vibe, the look is accessorized with some pearl earrings and a pendant pearl necklace that add a subtle elegant touch. The center of the outfit, though, are undeniably those platform shoes. The monochrome color palette is broken by the gray lining on the sole and the laces avoid the shoes being too sporty-like. This is also reinforced by the material of the shoe: velvet is in trend this season and perfect for cold weather! The platform helps elongate the body, as heels would do, but without the suffering.

Although the ensemble combines a lot of different styles, it manages to look great as if all the pieces were made to effortlessly blend in.

How To: It’s no longer a myth wearing shoes that are comfortable and cute at the same time. If you want a little height, opt for platforms instead of heels. They’re comfortable yet super cool and a great conversation starter!