ALL IN THE DETAILS: These Boots Were Made For Riding

This being the first summer of my college career there was something besides the warm weather that I was anticipating. My friends would all be coming home from college for the summer. With their stories came trends that they have picked up from their college towns. I loved seeing how all my friends’ looks have evolved from last summer before we all went our separate ways.

This Fashionista, a close friend of mine, goes to Kansas State University and is a part of the equestrian team. Even when coming home to Illinois, she carries a bit of the south with her. The laid back and relaxed attitude of the south is definitely portrayed in this Fashionista’s effortless style. Her sage babydoll dress is simple yet is broken up into sections which gives it detail. The swooped neck with the crochet like design goes nicely with the style of this dress. The design on the neckline almost flows with the shape of the dress giving it a really natural and relaxed feel.

To top off her look, this Fashionista wore her cowboy, or in this case cowgirl, boots. The slouchy, rustic and broken in look of the boots go well with her relaxed dress. The distinct and natural colors of brown found in her boots harmonize with her sage dress creating a flawlessly natural and organic look.

How To: Make this effortlessly rustic look yours by finding a pair of brown leather boots that already have a rustic look or that you can break in yourself as you wear them. The gorgeous thing about leather is the way the color changes. This natural occurrence makes the look authentic. Pair the boots with a natural colored and relaxed fit dress and simple jewerly for a perfect summer look.