ALL IN THE DETAILS: These Boots are Made for Walking

Ah, winter. It always comes a bit too soon here in the great white north, and that held true in 2015 with eight inches of snow in mid-November. After the first big snow storm it becomes clear that students have started to slink away into hibernation, only emerging for their classes for attendance and for the occasional meal. It also becomes apparent that there is a declining need for looking presentable. My little Style Guru heart weeps for the souls that used to slay campus who are now dressed in UGG boots and an oversized parka. I think this is due mostly to the fact that most Fashionista/os face a major issue: warmth. We have plenty of cute clothing and shoes, but would literally freeze in them; therefore something more heavy-duty is definitely required. However, this does not require an old pair of clunky boots. There are super stylish snow boots out there that allow your toes to stay toasty, and your outfit chic.

This Fashionista’s outfit is a prime example of this. I took to her boots mostly because I had noticed lots of girls having a hard time just lifting their feet due to their heavy footwear, but she was gliding effortlessly across our campus. These boots are the perfect mix of function and fashion. Picking a pair that is a neutral color (like black or tan) will allow them to fit right into your existing wardrobe. The little fur detail gives them an extra detail that makes them extra cute, too. A pair made with Thinsulate or another warm lining will allow you to pick a slimmer style and still avoid frostbite. This Fashionista went with a pair of skinny jeans to tuck into her boots, but a pair of fleece lined leggings would keep your look streamlined and warm as well. Her cozy scarf and Michigan State hat give her the perfect finishing touches for her winter look, and shows her support for our football team in the Big Ten championship game this weekend, go Spartans!

How To: Pair your stylish boots with other non-conventional cold weather accessories. A pair of cable knit leggings, some cute mittens and a pair of earmuffs are the perfect additions to your winter wardrobe.