ALL IN THE DETAILS: There's Something about Scarves

December 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

I can’t seem to get over this weather! I thought it was December…I was looking forward to scarves, peacoats and boots! Mother Nature, what are you doing—I would like a white Christmas, please. With this warm weather, I have no idea how to dress. Thankfully, this Fashionista has found the perfect balance between dressing for this warm weather while still bringing in aspects of fall style that we all love.

Scarves are the perfect accessory. They can dress down a fancy outfit, add some flare to a seemingly basic outfit and, as this Fashionista demonstrates, come in handy with successful layering. Not only did this Fashionista find a great compromise between warm and cold weather clothing, but she also showed us how to mix prints-double score! Plaid just screams fall, so this Fashionista made sure to incorporate it into her outfit. Her oversized plaid scarf is so big and warm that it lets her strip off a jacket and throw on a button-down shirt instead.

One great thing about scarves is their versatility (I personally, am obsessing over faux fur infinity scarves), but because of this, you can wear them so many ways. You can wear a scarf as a shawl if it is a lighter fabric, and there are tons of different ways to tie or wrap your scarf. You can wear them to match your mood-some ways are a little bit sassy, for a brunch with girlfriends, and others are more formal, great for work. No matter how you wear them, scarves are essential for surviving fall and winter weather while staying stylish!

How To: Not sure which scarf to pick? Don’t be afraid to pair a printed scarf with a printed shirt or jacket. As this Fashionista shows, mixing prints lets you make your outfit more “you.”