ALL IN THE DETAILS: There’s Power In Color

Who said boys couldn’t rock flowers? I’ll tell you who: the boy that’s afraid to be bold and different. Not only did this Fashionisto choose to be bold, but he took it to another level with the very detailed flowers in his shirt. What’s a better way to distract us from all the gloomy weather we’ve been having than with a pop of color or how about several pops of color? You can see the print and true color of each flower in this shirt and that’s what really draws the eye to this Fashionisto’s look. Though the shirt may say “Paris” it makes you want to take a trip to Paradise. The black background of the shirt gives it the perfect masculine touch to make this shirt perfect for any guy who’s into fashion and current trends. The black is what makes all the bright colors of the shirt pop.

Faded ripped jeans and a pair of Nike’s(Jordan’s) are a classic look for guys. These pairs of clothing items seem to never go out of style, if done right. In today’s current trends you have to have something else added to this classic look to stand out from the crowd. A basic white T-shirt just won’t do. You have to take it to another level and dare to be different. Boys may think they can’t experiment with bright colors and different patterns, but have no fear your time is here. If 2015 has taught us anything, it is that we are free to do what we choose and break down the barriers of previous rules. Fashion is one way that you can do this and bold colors help you stand out from the crowd.

How To: If you’re a guy that wants to experiment with different colors and patterns the summer is a perfect time to do so. Make sure you keep it neutral as too many colors throughout the outfit can make the look seem tacky. Only one piece of the outfit should have bold color which will be enough to pull the outfit together, but still help you stand out.