ALL IN THE DETAILS: There’s No Boohoo’s When It Comes To Boho

We’ve all seen the sudden obsession with bohemian style. From the Kimono’s to the very flowy shirts, pants and dresses that express different patterns and colors galore. Let’s not forget the infamous flower child headbands as I’m guilty of having a couple myself. Bohemian style is different from a lot of other styles because it gives you the option to be chic and creative while still being very comfortable. With combinations of loose fits and bright colors there’s no way one can go wrong with the boho look in the summertime.

I’m sure it’s not hard to tell that I was drawn to the pants in this Fashionista’s look. Not only were the pants super soft and comfortable, but they were also diverse. It’s like she had the perfect pair of stylish undercover pajama pants. The material of the pants are a great stretchy, thin and velour material that will extenuate any girls’ body well. The colors are bold, but not too bright or too many. It would actually have taken away from the pants if too many colors were in play, seeing how there’s already a lot of different patterns. The patterns of the pants give dimension and that ‘70s type of spunk. Paired together with a simple midriff baring shirt and platform shoes and we might as well take a trip back in time to the ‘70s. This Fashionista has the perfect modern spin so you can never go wrong in the fashion world if you are both chic and classic.

How To: There’s many different ways one can pull off the bohemian look this summer. I would call this particular look a casual one. To achieve a casual look, make sure that some part of the outfit has no patterns as a simple shirt is the best way to do so. Just a few accessories such as bracelets or a necklace will give it the perfect touch, but still keep the look laid-back. If you’re going to a party, platform shoes are perfect and if you’re going out to lunch, sandals will be just fine too.