As the weather is cooling down here in Tallahassee, Florida and other places as well, we are beginning to break out the fall clothing and accessories. I personally am not a fan of fall or winter accessories; I feel like there isn’t much variety or a way for the accessories to stand out when you are covered in layers and jackets. I do love the typical scarves and boots, especially since in Florida we don’t get to wear them as much or as long.

A lot of people experience changes in their skin and hair during this change to cooler weather. This is especially true for my curly haired Fashionistas! The cool weather is not a fan of curly hair and in the fall and winter we have to find ways to protect our hair from the cold and drying out.

That’s what attracted me to the Fashionista pictured. I loved her head scarf and the way she tied it to protect her curly hair (she also said she was having a bad hair day). I found this to be a cute way to accessorize and protect her hair instead of wearing the basic fall and winter beanies or a baseball cap. I have also seen this style quite often and I have done it a couple times myself. It’s great for the lazy hair days and bad hair days. It can also keep you warm and protect that curly hair from the cold.

It is also really easy to achieve this look! You can take pretty much any rectangular or square scarf that you have and would like to use and do this style. There are also a lot of different ways to tie the scarf as well. There are a lot of tutorials and websites that can show you how to tie head scarves if this is your first time. This particular style that this Fashionista is rocking is quite easy to complete. She is wearing a ruffled light orange crop top paired with long distressed denim jeans. If it is colder out where you are, you can switch out the crop top for a long sleeved top, solid colored or neutral colored if you have a head wrap with a pattern. Even if the head wrap doesn’t have a pattern you still would want it to be the statement piece so a neutral or solid colored top would go well.

This look is almost a boho-chic take on fall fashion. I really liked how she paired it with gold hoops. I think this is a fall accessory that will definitely stand out. It is also really easy and inexpensive to find and buy these accessories and make it your own. I will definitely be rocking this look more throughout the winter!