ALL IN THE DETAILS: The 'Wear' Necessities

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The 'Wear' Necessities

The bare necessities of fashion, in my opinion include, a T-shirt, jeans and a jacket, just as this lovely Fashionista is sporting in her outfit above. These items are fashion staples, they hold the power of being dressed up, down and simply as they are. In a way, each piece works as a blank canvas in which Fashionistas/os can create their own work of art. Accessories are the materials we can use to transform our outfits completely, and luckily there is an endless supply closer than you may think!

I decided to accessorize the basics that this Fashionista is wearing and as a result this trendy street style look was born. To obtain such a unique version of a simple outfit, I took my favorite vintage denim jacket and an assortment of my moms vintage brooches to jazz it up. Ranging from a ballerina to a rhinestone flower, I opted for blue, silver and gold accented brooches to keep it cohesive yet still distinctive. Embroidered and embellished jackets are a huge trend in fashion, as you can tell by this rad Alice & Olivia denim jacket that I used as my inspiration.

To keep up with the color scheme of her outfit, I added a black choker and a turquoise chunky statement necklace. Whether it be to stylishly cover up a bad hair day or to give a cool vibe to ones look, hats are a must have. I felt the black fedora was a funky addition to compliment her ensemble (and if you look closely, you’ll see a bronze miniature fedora brooch on this Fashionista’s shoulder!). This beige vegan leather tote is versatile and sturdy, making it the perfect bag for this Fashionista to carry as many books as she needs. One can never go wrong with a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, I mean they’re called All Stars for a reason, right? These white high tops are awesome for any look, not to mention, they are extremely comfortable especially when walking to and from classes all day. The details this Fashionista is wearing make her bare necessities outfit a one of a kind look.

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