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When winter hits, everyone tries to bundle up. It’s cold outside and everyone just wants to stay warm. However, for all the Fashionista/o’s out there, fashion is still of the upmost importance, regardless of the below freezing temperatures. The perfect way to stay warm is to layer and the best jacket for layering in this not-yet-freezing weather is the trench.

The classic trench is one of those pieces that anyone should always have in some shape or form in their closet at all times. If you could only have ten articles of essential clothing, the trench would be on that list. Needless ranting aside, there are countless benefits to the trench, not only does it repel the wind and the rain, but it brings you back to a more classic era of gloves and three piece suits.

This Fashionista is rocking a more modern navy blue trench that pairs well with her maroon pants. The trench is perfect in this occasion because it not only keeps her warm but elevates her total outfit. Her patterned white shirt peeks through the opening in the trench and cinches perfectly at the waist. This Fashionista is also rocking the black and navy trend, putting together two colors that the traditional fashion police would deem ‘illegal’. Paired with a black purse and boots this look is perfectly chic for a night out on the town. Classic accessories like the the trench are an essential part any outfit, but in reality it is just the conscious choice of accessories that pull simple looks together.

How To: Never shy away from the classic trench, the best part about it is that it is easily put together with any personal style! So throw it on with anything from combat boots to kitten heels and you are set to go!