ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Sneaker Feature

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Sneaker Feature

Guys, I’ll get to you in a minute, but ladies, it’s time for some real talk. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve been pawned off as the shoe-obsessed gender. Think about it, you have those JustFab commercials that portray us as shoe-crazed women that squeal and scream when there’s a shoe delivery to our house. In almost all shoe stores, the women’s section is several times larger than the men’s section. Now, I’m not going to sit here and try to determine the extent to which this stereotype we’ve been assigned is true. All I’m saying is that I know A LOT of guys, whose closets are home to far more shoes than I could ever want. But more importantly, I know a lot of guys who care about their shoes more than most of the females I know. So why are we the only ones getting hit with the shoe-obsessed label? Guys, (told you I’d get to you), let’s be honest, you’re shoe freaks, too. You go to great lengths to keep your shoes in mint condition. I’ve seen these efforts run the gamut from frequent polishing, to completely changing the way in which the individual walks (so as to not scuff the shoe).

There’s no question that there’s a sneaker culture among guys these days. Between their Nikes and Yeezys, guys have more variety in their footwear options and are taking more pride in how they choose to adorn their toes. It shouldn’t be a surprise that with the rise of this sneaker culture men need to cater the rest of their wardrobes to be able to display their shoes. They need pants that accommodate the fact that their beloved sneakers must be showcased, and this was no small feat (hehe, get it?). One option is to wear slimmer pants with a pinroll cuff. Another is to suffer through wearing skinny jeans. However, neither of these options are comfortable or sporty enough to work cohesively with the sneakers. Then came the jogger pant, and all was right in the world again!

I find the jogger pant to be a particularly interesting point in the evolution of men’s pants, as joggers are really a conglomeration of a cuffed pant and athletic sweats. The Fashionisto in this article rocks a pair of joggers that accentuate his adidas Superstar sneakers. These sneakers have become a classic throughout the years since adidas introduced them in 1969. Wearing a pant that covers them would just be sacrilegious, hence the sleek pair of joggers with knee details. The outfit is stylish, yet sporty and comfortable. Not to mention, it’s perfect for the coming of fall with warm, earthy tones in the shirt and pants. This Fashionisto’s look exemplifies how the sneaker culture, that is prominent today, has acted as a catalyst for new trends, like the jogger pant. So guys, embrace your shoe obsession; good has come from it.

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