ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Small Things

For a detail to stand out in an outfit I don’t think that it necessarily has to be loud or front and center, such as a huge scarf or chunky necklace, screaming, “Hey! I’m here!” Sometimes the best details are minute but bring the whole outfit to another level. For example, in the KORS Michael Kors spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection he had many looks that had small patterns on them, but those patterns completely made the looks work. This one is my absolute favorite.

Today’s Fashionista had two small patterns in her look that stood out to me. One was on her shirt and one was on her socks. These patterns, while completely different, blended well together and added a chic quirkiness to the look. On her collared button-down there were small red and blue dashes sewed into the fabric that made the top more interesting than just a plain white button-down. You can find a top that gives a similar feel here. Her other pattern was small sailboats on her socks that peeked out of her black suede chukka boots. I am obsessed with patterned socks, so I loved this small detail in her look. Even though the sailboats were so different than her shirt’s pattern, it still blended with the look and pulled it all together.

The rest of her look included a pair of classic dark wash jeans, a brown leather braided belt and because (believe it or not) it was cold in Florida, a beautiful tailored gray peacoat. Patterns are a huge trend for spring 2015, as exemplified in the KORS Michael Kors collection. If patterns seem intimidating, which they definitely are for me, today’s Fashionista showed us how to incorporate patterns into outfits in a small but effective way.

How To: If you want to add more patterns into your wardrobe, start with something small like this Fashionista and work your way up to a bolder look, such as this adorable swing dress from ASOS.