April 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

Back in high school, as an athlete, I always had injuries in my feet, which lead me to wear running sneakers to school. Every. Single. Day. I had two options: either look ridiculous in a fun outfit with my not-so-cute sneakers, or wear running clothes/sweatpants to match them. I was always so bummed that it was never a trend to wear sneakers because, at the time, it was a necessity to me.

That’s why I was overjoyed when this summer I noticed that sporty sneakers were making a comeback as a perfect addition to everyday outfits. Specifically, I fell in love with the adidas Stan Smith sneakers, and during the past few months at school, I have noticed how quickly this style is catching on.

My favorite thing about sneakers like these is that they can help turn almost any outfit into a sporty-chic look. Whenever I feel like going to class in comfy clothes, I immediately feel more put together when I pair leggings and a beanie with my sneakers. Another great aspect of the sneaker is that they also go perfectly with many casual dresses and skirts, allowing you to rock fashionable clothes without killing your feet.

This Fashionista starts this windy day by matching her favorite black jeans and puffy vest with the adidas Superstars. Jeans and sneakers have never looked so good.

How To: Don’t want to limp to class next time you want to wear a cute outfit? Try adding a sneaker such as the Superstar, or a fun Nike pair, to your wardrobe. It will give you a polished look without the added pain.