ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Purrrrfect Button-Up

Cornell University and similar institutions have a preppy stigma that often follows their students, which is far from the truth. Although there is a crowd that identifies with Vineyard Vines pullovers and Lilly Pulitzer dresses, Cornell is filled with quirky styles and whimsical characters that help make the immense amounts of snow bearable. It is easy to find yourself feeling blue with the lack of sun and brutal cold, but these Fashionistas and Fashionistos find humor in their outfits and try to bring that joy to others.

Along with the cold, it is easy to find oneself sweating on the way to class due to overdressing. Rather than a long sleeve, this Fashionisto decided to combat the inevitable overheating and simply pair a short-sleeved button-up with a cardigan, which helps him feel comfortable. Adding a sense of humor and fun to his already stylish shirt, he also touches upon a common trend that is becoming popular; the printed short sleeve button-up. His, covered in multi-colored cats caught my eye from the moment I saw him. Matching this funky button-up, his bright green pants contrasted the black Canada Gooses that fill up campus. It is clear this Fashionisto is a fun and lively young man based on his outfit, and isn’t that a great thing to have clear to the world and your campus?

How To: Find yourself feeling down with the winter blues? Try spicing up your day with a lively and fun printed shirt or dress. Colors and the connotations they hold tend to be contagious, and with the smile you bring, others will smile too. Don’t take yourself to seriously and be daring with your wardrobe choices. Wear what makes you feel comfortable both emotionally and aesthetically.