ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Pullover Phenomena

Let’s face itas winter weather becomes more apparent, our choices to opt out style for comfort gets to all of us. Why spend an additional 30 minutes in the morning rummaging for that “ideal outfit” when you could just throw on some sweats and be out the door? We’ve all succumbed to it at one point or another. I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve been guilty of this a couple of times myself. Not to fear, though. In fact, if there is one staple that I’ve come across over the past year that can manage to give off both a vibe that screams Fashionista/o while still being a quick pick from the closet, then it’s definitely none other than the amazing pullover hoodie!

Here we have this Fashionisto effortlessly rocking his edgy Aztec print pullover, gearing up to hit the town. When it comes to pullovers, variety is always a big option. With so many different designs and patterns at your disposal, if this print isn’t your poison, you are certainly bound to find at least one that screams you. The thing that I especially love about this hoodie is the color. Most people decide to play it safe in the winter by choosing to wear cooler hues in their garments. Not this Fashionisto! He isn’t afraid to embrace the warmer tones. While sporting his orange-laced Nike Air Max to complete his look, this ensemble exudes vibrancy, yet maintains the coolness of winter.

How To: Need something comfy yet stylish to wear on campus as the days get colder? Follow the lead of this Fashionisto and dawn your own patterned pullover to give your cold days the right type of cool!