ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Prefect Brown To Black Ratio

I’ve never been one to mix and mingle my blacks and browns, but there’s something to be said for the person who can. This Fashionista effortlessly combines the two. Her skintight black dress is paired with a light brown gladiator sandal, black fedora and purse. The browns and blacks in her outfit are evenly balanced and tempered by her primary accessory, her felt fedora, with its thin brown tie around the top. This little detail is the reason why her outfit comes together so harmoniously.

She makes sure that the color brown is not only present at the bottom of her outfit (the sandals) but at the top with her fedora as well. The brown tie on her fedora also picks up her hair’s honey brown hues. They play off one another in order to equally balance out the amount of brown present in her ensemble. She evenly distributes her brown accessories throughout her outfit via her little tie on her black fedora and gladiator sandals, and I believe that we should take note of it. This Fashionista has perfected the brown to black ratio that is often ill attempted in an ensemble. Her fedora is key; its small tie is a pivotal piece that ultimately makes her brown and black combination look like perfection.

How To: If you’re looking to wear black and brown within the same ensemble, you should try using brown as an accent. Evenly distribute it throughout the outfit but with minimal details such as a brown leather strapped wristwatch or sunglasses. Make the accent color visually present at the top and bottom part of your outfit.