ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Perks of Being Organized

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Perks of Being Organized

This Fashionista is a master of organization. With her Day Designer in tow, she is guaranteed to stay at the top of her class. This Fashionista enjoys writing in her planner daily and relishes in the satisfaction that comes from “crossing things off” of her to-do list. (Don’t we all?) While this Fashionista in particular is pursuing her medical degree she enjoys fashion almost as much as her long love for outer space (how fun!).

The necklace that this Fashionista is sporting is none other than a special AstronoBead necklace. While sporting the everyday essentials such as a classic sweater to accommodate for chilly classrooms. My favorite things about this Fashionista would definitely be the personality that shines through her planner as well as her jewelry. Did I mention those fashion-forward Dr. Martens and the layered look of her Kendra Scott necklace added to the entire outfit is genuinely covetable. Last but certainly not least, the most essential part of school is a  backpack.

I enjoy the new season of school and all of the fashion and planners that accompany the start of new beginnings. Whether you are enrolled in strenuous medical courses or not, I highly encourage you to take a note (pun intended) from this Fashionista and invest in a planner, maybe even the exact one pictured above. Being organized is this Fashionista’s mentality when it comes to school, and the details of her notes and projects are also severely covetable. The Fashionista’s everyday school staple would include her planner and sweater, which we can all agree are invaluable when it comes to being prepared.

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