ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Perfect Pocket

The groundhog has seen his shadow, which means we will be dressing in our winter layers for six more weeks. Coats and cardigans remain the staple items in all of our wardrobes. With all of these layers, it is most convenient to have some sort of pocket to carry our tissues and other cold weather necessities. But pockets are not only helpful, they are also a great detail to any winter layer.

This Fashionista shows off a warm hunter green military jacket, detailed with zippered pockets. She pairs it with simple black leggings and solid light boots. This way, the jacket remains the centerpiece of the outfit with its fur collar and functional pockets. The thick fur collar draws attention upwards to the jacket. Vertical zipper pockets flow into the bigger pockets, both zippered and buttoned.

Pockets are trending all over on coats, accessories and tops. T-shirts can have fun patterned pockets contrasting with the T-shirt’s main print or color. Purses and backpacks are exceptionally useful with multiple pockets for storage. As seen with this Fashionista, coats can also come with functional zipper pockets or small decorative pockets. It is a trend seen in all aspects of an ensemble and is always convenient.

How To: Throw on a darker military jacket to ensure a sophisticated outfit complete with pockets. Pair it with a maxi dress for a “punk meets bohemian” look. This versatile detail can also be worn through a chunky cardigan paired with casual jeans or leggings.