ALL IN THE DETAILS: The New Look to Scarf Down

It snows every other week. It’s cold all the time. It’s winter and there’s just no getting around it. I have to mentally prepare myself before I walk out of my dorm and into the tundra. The only things that keep me going are my touchscreen winter gloves and multiple lip balms I keep on me at all times.

As I was walking to class, I saw this Fashionista who seemed like she had it all figured out. As I shivered in my ugly, big, puffy coat, I saw her actually looking cute in a jacket and scarf.  See, I’m not a scarf type of girl because I feel like they just don’t really keep my neck as warm as they should. This Fashionista made me think twice about scarves. She honed in on the latest scarf trend and is sporting a blanket scarf—I know; it’s as amazing as it sounds. It’s like we pulled one over on the fashion world, which is now encouraging us to wear blankets in public.

The scarf was the main piece in her outfit, so this Fashionsta decided to pair it with plain blue jeans and a light pink sweater. Light pink is my favorite color right now, so I couldn’t help but admire her shirt. It gave the outfit a light splash of color with everything else being in the neutral color palette. She finished off the outfit with a pair of adorable brown booties that I couldn’t help but notice because I have a very similar pair! Great minds think alike. 

Blanket scarves are the perfect way to keep warm in this blustery weather. They are a must for CollegeFashionistas who have to walk to class every day. I will definitely be buying a ton of these and am officially a reformed scarf lover!

How To: These scarves are incredibly easy to work with because they are so big. This Fashionista decided to wrap the scarf around her neck and pull down the sides to get her look!