ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Leather Jacket

It’s the beginning of February so you might find yourself in a rut of what to wear. If you’re in need of a fresh new look, a leather jacket could be just what you are looking for. A black leather jacket can be chic or edgy. Pair it with a dress and you’ve got yourself an adorable look or go with printed jeans for a cool and chill vibe. A leather jacket is an essential that will never go out of style, so why not make the investment? This week’s Fashionista gives us all the inspiration we need.

The Fashionista has chosen a classic black leather jacket and pulls it off perfectly. A traditional jacket similar to the one she wears will be a good idea, as it will pair well with numerous things. But this is fashion and there is so much out there. Leather jackets can be found in so many different forms from all-white to suede with leather sleeves. A great outfit can be created out of any of them it’s just about picking which style you like best.

How To: Once you’ve found your perfect jacket, you may be left wondering what exactly to wear with it. Well I admire the way the Fashionista wears her’s and you can achieve a similar look very easily. Just pair your leather jacket with a graphic tee and a cool pair of printed pants. You’re bound to stand out, but fashion is all about the risks. A beanie and a pair of combat boots will be great final touches to your look.